We were given a 4-week program. Here are some of the highlights.

Week 1: Eat as normal, but begin to taper off the things that are not good for you.

No fried foods. (Rats! That cut out half of the things we picked up to eat.)

Change oils. To olive oil and most importantly coconut oil. Now we both like coconuts, so we thought this would be pleasant. But turns out - there is no coconut taste, so if YOU have been putting off making the change - do it now! Coconut oil can be used to grease pans, for cooking, for baking. I use it for nearly everything now.

Green salad daily. Ugh, not my favorite! But we found we could add a salad pretty painlessly. So we did it.

Supplements. We were given a powder to add to our smoothies, as well as multiple pills to take throughout the day. All of these were to help bring our body's chemistry back into balance.

Week 2: Clean up your diet.

No sodas, coffee, caffeine. Not a problem for Bob, but I was a Diet Coke-aholic! However, I was surprised to not feel any negative effects. No caffeine headaches, no withdrawal. Just had to break the habit.

Avoid grains, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, dairy, chocolate, eggs. Yikes! What the heck can you eat? I have had a couple of glasses of chocolate milk for as many years as I can remember! We ate a lot of nuts in our house, using them in meals and snacks. Grains are in everything! I think we're gonna starve here.

Eat two meals containing protein, plus 2 snacks, plus a smoothie. We certainly were not hungry!

Our grocery shopping picked up. We bought 15 times as many fruits and vegetables. Suddenly we found ourselves in the kitchen, washing and chopping vegetables. I started looking for recipes and ways to fix the vegetables that fit within the guidelines of our program. Since protein could only be chicken, turkey or fish, it again restricted what we would normally have eaten.

Throughout this time, it was obvious that it would be VERY difficult to do this alone. You really need a partner to share the information, trials, and triumphs with as you go.

Week 3: Cut back

Eat one meal with protein. Two smoothies. Two snacks.

No, we did not starve. In fact, I often had a hard time getting all the food consumed. Bob, on the other hand, felt hunger now and then, in spite of eating (or drinking) all 3 meals each day.

Week 4: Repeat week 3.

WARNING: This is not, by any means, a complete outline of the detox program. In fact, don't try to follow this without further guidance. That's why we hired Dr. Botts to guide us through this. So please don't think I have provided you with enough information to do it on your own.



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