If you had told me a year ago that I was going to lose 70 pounds this year, I would have said "no way!"

I was depressed and doing pretty much nothing. I had lost my enthusiasm for life, including my work. I wasn't able to focus long enough to read a book, so was left watching TV as my entertainment. The last thing I wanted to do was go on a diet!

But something drove me to buy my fitbit. I set my goal at just 1,000 steps per day. And it took me a few weeks to get to that many steps!

I didn't even start changing my eating habits until mid-September, when we started the wellness program. Even then, I didn't dare set my goal too big. After all, I had been overweight for 40 years, creeping up 20 pounds at a time. The few times I had attempted to lose weight, I would lose 30 pounds - then gain back 40. So I just didn't try.

So the concept of losing a large amount was beyond me. So, too, was the idea that I might actually stick with a healthy eating plan for that long.

It's by no means a habit yet. Each day, each meal, each snack, I make a choice to eat like I know I need to for now.

And it's more than paid off! I can move better. I sleep better. My depression is gone! I don't get winded going up a hill. My joints don't ache any more. I've changed sizes a couple of times and am now wearing clothes easily that used to cut into me - when I could get into them at all.

And I know that even though I'm not "thin," I am much healthier. My organs are no longer strangled by fat. Everything works better now.

As I look forward to the next year, I can see myself continuing to lose. Will I lose another 70 pounds this next year? I don't know. I'm not setting a goal more than the next meal. I know that if I handle each meal, one at a time, then my body will naturally achieve the size it should be a year from now.

For now - celebrate 70 pounds with me!



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  1. Fran Civile

    Jeanette I’m so happy for you! I just came from reading the message you sent from http://jeanettecates.com/… the story you told there is really tragic, you were such a dynamic person and then to go through this horrible period of depression! I’m so glad you found your way back! Congratulations for sharing on this wonderful new site.

  2. Lisa Suttora

    Jeanette, what a story you have to tell. You’ve been through quite a lot the past 4 years.

    So glad you took time out to take care of yourself and you are feeling happy and healthy!

    And it’s great that you’ve started this new site to share your story. I know you’ll help a lot of people as you always have!


  3. Cynthia

    I am so proud of you. I know you must feel better. The fitbit or similar devices are awesome. Keep up the good work and keep us posted. I have missed hearing from you.


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