With the news of my many food sensitivities, I was faced with a decision. Would I start it immediately or wait a couple of weeks. Dr. Botts suggested I wait to make the decision at our next appointment in two weeks. That would give me time to make sure I could commit to it.

There was also another reason. My husband and I were headed to Las Vegas for 4 days so that he could attend a conference and I could have fun!

Now I could have said I'm not going because I can't eat anything. That's not happening!

I could have gone and tried to stay on my current eating plan or even tried to adopt the new guidelines. That's where common sense comes in. I knew that if I attempted that approach I would not be successful. It's hard enough to eat on this plan when I'm in total control of ingredients and preparation at home. Trying to find restaurants to support this plan would be a nightmare! It would take the joy out of the trip.

So I chose to go on the trip and enjoy myself. No, I didn't try to stuff in everything I thought I would miss. I just ate sensibly. I ordered gluten-free and dairy-free when possible. Did I eat some things that are NOT on my eating plan? Absolutely. But I had decided ahead of time that I would not beat myself up about it. And I had also decided to come home and go back on my proper eating plan.

Did I gain weight while on vacation from proper eating? Of course I did! But all of that weight gain disappeared in the first week we were home. I'm content with that.

I want to encourage you to use common sense when you are eating a restrictive diet. You'll be able to eat properly a lot longer when you don't beat yourself up or try to follow your plan in impossible situations. You'll be happier AND healthier in the long run!



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