If you are diabetic or have been eating a poor diet, then have to carefully watch the amount of fruit you consume. After all, it's sugar! And we all know that sugar is not good for you in large quantities.

On the other hand, it tastes good. Plus, it's one of the natural foods you are encouraged to eat.

To help control the amount of sugar in your smoothies, plus provide even better, more filling nutrition, Dr. Botts recommended we add a pea protein to our smoothies.

While usually seen in the realm of weight lifters, pea protein has the advantage of being generally neutral when it comes to food sensitivities. Hence, pea protein as compared with other protein powders.

We buy Nutra Summa from our local health food store when it's on sale, although I have also ordered it on Amazon. We buy both the vanilla and chocolate, then use it for different flavors of smoothies.



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