It was a typical day on Facebook - tons of images and posts from friends, near and far. But one stood out for me - something about reversing your diabetes...

reverse diabetes

I thought about it for about 2 minutes, then signed up! After all, it was a free dinner at the country club close to our house. And for moral support, I asked my husband Bob to join me.

There were about 25 people attending, ranging from 40's to 70's. Most were overweight. All agreed we were looking forward to what Dr. Botts, our host, had to say.

As he began to speak, I recognize an intelligent, well-spoken man who was a good teacher. He didn't get too technical, but he explained things thoroughly. While he used some of those words I had heard and didn't really think "fit" me, I listened and took notes.

At the end of the 45-minute talk, he invited us to sign up for a consultation in his office. He would go over our latest labs and give us an idea of what it would take to get us back into good health.

Bob & I both signed up for the nominal fee.

For the first time since my diagnosis of diabetes, I was feeling hopeful.



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