The results were not guaranteed, but logic said that if I chose to undertake this restrictive food sensitive diet, I "should" lose. After all I was on a plateau for several months before starting this.

So it is with great joy that I share that it is working!

In the 5 weeks since I started this plan, I have lost 12 pounds! That's a pace of about 2 pounds per week, week in and week out.

I like that pace. It gives my body a chance to adjust to the new weight naturally. It lets my skin shrink as I lose. It lets my balance adjust. And it lets me slowly move out of one size and into another.

Have I bought a bunch of new clothes? Not really. Because I enjoy the luxury of working at home, I don't need an extensive wardrobe. Instead, I've been shopping my own closet, finding clothes from my earlier days that now fit. But of course, I did save my favorite pair of "big" pants - and they're looking pretty huge at this point.

Since May, 2014, I have lost 65 pounds! Now THAT'S exciting!

(And no, that is NOT me in the photo. I wish!)



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