"From Old & Obese, Depressed & Diabetic - to Happy & Healthy!" That's my journey.

Read about my journey in the section "The Journey". I've tried to document what I've done at each stage, so that you can see what you would like to adapt and adopt.

Here's a quick summary: Since 1997, I have been involved in online marketing. I loved it - studied it, taught it, talked about it.

But when my Depression set in in 2011 I lost my love of marketing. I drifted for a couple of years, unable to focus long enough to read, much less present a lesson or teach a webinar. My business did well for the first year or two, but then it began to fade, along with my love of marketing.

In June, 2013 I found that I could write on my "good days." And I proceeded to write a series of books - which led to more sales - which led me back to my roots in marketing and elearning.

By May, 2014 I was better able to focus and actually WANTED to do something. That's when I finally admitted that I needed to be in better shape to enjoy life. After all, I had been overweight for 40 years!

I was not a dieter, as I believe that you either do it or you don't - and until I was ready to DO something about my weight on a permanent basis, it wasn't worth the yo-yo dieting that so many people experience with dieting.

As I began to walk, I started to tell people about it. Then as I began my wellness program, I told people about it. They began to ask questions. I shared a few recipes and shortcuts. They asked more - and so this site was born!

I do NOT pretend to be an expert in the areas of fitness, nutrition or lifestyle. What I am is a learner just like you. I welcome your input, your insights, and even your corrections! We are on this journey together. Enjoy the site!