Before we could start on the eating program, we had a few things to do:

Testing - we did full lab tests, including blood, stool, and saliva. But before we could do those, we needed to be off of certain foods for a couple of days, so that they wouldn't contaminate the tests (just onions and garlic for example).

Lab Results - it takes a week or more for each of the lab to come back, so that took another couple of weeks.

Out of town trip - I knew there was no point in starting an eating program before I left town. So we put off the start for another week while I took my trip. Did I eat extra goodies on that trip? Not really. On the other hand, I didn't hold back.

Naturally, during this time you're thinking...what will I have to give up? what will change? how much will I lose? will it really work? did I make the right decision?

By the time our labs came back and we scheduled our orientation meeting, it was nearly a month.

In our orientation we were given our notebook. It contained the week-by-week instructions, plus several recipes. It also had a large number of articles on topics I had heard about, but never understood - things like detoxification, antioxidants, cleansing. This notebook became a daily companion over the next four weeks.



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