weight loss chartI reported a couple of months ago that the food sensitive diet was working. I was losing an average of 2 pounds per week.

I am thrilled to report that after 3 months on the "new" eating plan that honors my food sensitivities that I am STILL losing 2 pounds per week! It is amazing to get on the scale and see my weight shrinking - effortlessly. I've never been on an eating plan that took so little thought and maintenance with a guaranteed result for my body!

I've lost 10+ inches from my hips and am now wearing pants that are 2 sizes smaller than when I started. I've lost in other places as well, so am now into shirts that are 2 sizes smaller. I've outgrown (ungrown?) 3 bathing suits and had the confidence to order 2 more when they were on sale - in the next 2 smaller sizes. What fun!

So what am I eating? Basically chicken - about 5 days a week, then salmon the other two days. I have smoothies for my first two meals of the day - just because I don't want to cook and snacks ARE a problem. When we eat out, we now have 4 restaurants where I feel confident in ordering. I've eaten the same thing at those restaurants before and not seen any weight gain, so that's a good sign.

With the first 3 months down, I'm on the downhill slope of my 6-month food sensitive period. At the end of that time we'll do the blood work again to see if I have reduced the inflammation enough to start adding back foods.

I try to not fix  the same thing more frequently than every 2 weeks. That means what with just 3 months to go, I'm thinking "just 6 more fruity chicken dishes, just 6 more glazed salmon, etc."  Pretty exciting when you put it like that!

Someone asked what foods I want to add back first. After thinking about it for weeks (yes, I wanted to be very certain of this in case my body is listening!), I've decided that olives are my top priority. Basically I love the taste. They can be added to nearly everything. And having the choice of using olive oil would be VERY helpful!

After that...cooked garlic, onions, and tomatoes - because they are in every recipe I find! And it would make it sooooo much easier to order in a restaurant!

I'll keep you posted over the next 3 months!



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