The word exercise often brings its own level of stress to people. Most people hate the word exercise and feel as if they have no time to do it anyway, much less the energy. But, intentional exercise is essential to good health. Good health helps lower stress levels. Therefore, instead of getting all worked up about working out, find ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine.

  • Desk Exercises – If you’re stuck in a cubicle all day it can be hard to figure out how to get moving more. But, you can do exercises right at your desk. Tap your toes, squeeze your bottom, do Kegels, and move your arms – all while at the table.
  • Take the Stairs — When you need to deliver a document to someone, take the long way, walk up the stairs – get in as many steps as you can rather than scanning and emailing. Not only will this help you physically, but getting more face time at work with people is always a good thing.
  • Walk at Lunch – Grab a lunch that you can hold in your hands such as a smoothie or a wrap, and go for a walk. Sit outside on a bench, enjoy your time outdoors even if it’s cold outside. Just bundle up properly. The sunshine, even when it’s cold, is good for you, as is the movement getting to the park bench and back.
  • Ask for a Standing Desk – Some companies are starting to be aware of the dangers of sitting more than four hours a day. If you can get your company to spring for a sit/stand desk or at least standing stations, you’ll save your health and everyone else’s, too. Some people find that they’re even more productive at a standing desk, as well.
  • TV Exercise – Have a favorite show you like to watch? March in place while watching the show. In fact, anytime you want to watch a show, add some form of exercise to it, especially if you’re a regular TV watcher. You can march in place, jog, do jumping jacks, pushups, sit-ups and other exercises and not miss a thing. Plus, you get built-in rest times in the form of commercials.
  • After Dinner Walk – The after-dinner walk is a great way to not only get some extra steps in during the day, but is also a good way to connect with your children and/or your spouse. Plus, you can meet other walkers in your neighborhood, which is always a good thing to do. As studies show, more connection with neighbors, family and friends lower
  • Buy Experiences – Instead of going out to eat or doing things that require little movement for fun, find things to do that cause you to move. Miniature golf, horseback riding, bike riding, roller skating and so forth area all fun experiences that you can pay for instead of paying for eating out. You’ll get more exercise, and feel better, and be closer, too. It’s a win-win for sure.
  • Park at a Distance – When going shopping or to work, park far from the door. You’ll get in a few extra steps and have more energy just from that short walk to the door. Walking back to your car after shopping or working will also give you time to decompress from stress as you breathe in the fresh air on the way to your vehicle.
  • Waiting Movements – You’ll find that when you pay attention to your day, you’re doing a lot of waiting. You wait for the microwave to beep, you wait for the printer at work, you wait for your kids to get to the car after school. Each of these moments is an opportunity to add more movement to your day. Squat in place, park away from the school and have kids walk to you while you walk the area as you wait.
  • Use a Tracker – Nothing makes you more conscious of your movements and exercise than having a tracker on your wrist. I attribute my total revolution in wellness to starting with my Fitbit 2.5 years ago. Nowadays your tracker can even remind you to move every hour. So get a tracker – and USE it. Daily, 24/7, every day. And if you’re the competitive type – get into a group where you share your statistics. Your fellow activity-trackers will keep you moving!

Finally, remember to have fun. When you want to be with your family, try having experiences together that are active. After all, a day boogie boarding at the ocean or paddle boarding at the lake is more memorable and fun than sitting in front of screens all day. Sure, there is a place and time for sitting around and cuddling, but the more you move, the more you’ll want to cuddle.



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