Throughout my journey to wellness I had been losing steadily. In fact, I checked to be sure I should be losing that quickly.

May-start of detox: lost 15 pounds - just by getting out of my chair and moving more!

Month 1 - Detox: 12 pounds

Month 2 - Food testing & starting gluten free, including Thanksgiving: 9 pounds

Month 3 - Gluten free & start of dairy free, including a 6-day cruise: 6 pounds

Month 4 - Christmas, New Years, and family reunion: 5 pounds

Month 5 - 4 pounds

Total: 51 pounds!

Now while I'm very proud of that, you can see that things were slowing down, in spite of the drastic changes in my diet. In fact, there was a constant battle of yo-yo - up 2 pounds, down 1 pound, up 1 pound, down 2 pounds, up 2 pounds, etc. For 10 weeks, it felt like we were going nowhere fast!

So when Dr. Botts did a fresh round of lab work and found that I was still inflammed, he recommended we do another specialized test - to test 120 different foods to see what was keeping my body in a constant state of inflammation. I agreed - because I was tired of feeling like I was doing everything right, then not losing weight.



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