The time has finally come. We have to start exercising. Sigh. I don't really LIKE to exercise. I don't like to sweat, so I have avoided exercise as much as possible throughout my life (with the exception of dancing - which I LOVE!)

For me the biggest fear is that once again I will encounter a trainer who thinks I am more capable than I am. Every time I've tried exercise programs in the past 30 years, it's been the same story. They set impossible goals that stress me out. They call it "simple" while I call it "impossible."

So you can imagine my relief when we attended a complimentary exercise class that seemed reasonable. He didn't ask us to do things that were beyond our capabilities. He took time to carefully explain each step. He used simple equipment we could use at home, rather than having to go to the gym.

Bob and I took advantage of his complimentary private training session at his home "studio" (aka garage). He assessed each of us individually to see where we needed to start.

Most of all he offers multiple options for the actual training sessions. You can come to his home studio 3 times per week for a private session. You can join a group that meets at his house 3 times per week. Or you can follow his prescribed program in an online portal. Obviously we opted for the online option, with a monthly face-to-face session to reassess where we are.

The only equipment we had to buy was a basic set of resistance bands and a few sandbells. And we were off!

Each day we log into our online portal and follow the instructions for that day's workout. Marc has been good about keeping them to 30 minutes or so. Each exercise has a video of Marc demonstrating the exercise so that there is no doubt how to do it. When we have questions, we can send a message to Marc, who generally answers within the hour.

Once a month we see Marc face-to-face. He watches how we're doing the assigned exercises, then tests us to see if we can handle the next level.

While I don't do the exercises as regularly as I would like, it's a relief to know I have the tools and support to do them, as best as I can.

See Marc's style in this short training video.



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