We met with Dr. Botts today. He's just as nice and supportive in a one-on-one environment as in the seminar.

Looking at our lab work, he agreed that we needed to change our lifestyle. Naturally my primary concern is that we eat nearly every meal out. We either pick up something and bring it home or we eat in restaurants.

We often joke that I cooked for the first 10 years we were married; Bob cooked for the next 10; we cooked together for the next 10, then we stopped cooking. Period. That was 15 years ago, so it's been a long time since we have done any menu planning, major grocery shopping, and cooking.

We love to eat in restaurants. In fact, we've eat around the world - through Europe, our year in Korea, on multiple cruises, and of course, Austin, which is an eat-out city. I grew up in a house where we decided which country we wanted to eat from, then Mother created the menu. In essence, nice dinners and a variety of food is SUPER important to us!

Dr. Botts calmly explained that if we kept doing what we had been doing, we would end up in a very predictable situation - on multiple medications, under medical care, probably with several surgeries, etc. Having watched and supported my mother as she went through that, I was certain I did not want to go there!

While I knew I had to make some changes, I was surprised to learn that Bob needed to make some changes, too. And as Dr. Botts explained, we would be much more successful doing the program together. So we signed up as a team - for a four-month program with six additional months of maintenance.



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