I didn't set out to create a website dedicated to my journey. But as I've told more and more people about it, it seemed like a good idea. So here goes!

The Journey actually began in May, 2014. I had been looking at step counters and hearing so much about your 10,000 steps. I knew I wasn't ready for that many steps - after all, I'd been sitting in my chair for 3 years, not doing much of anything!

But I also knew I didn't want one of the cheap pedometers that supposedly counted my steps. That was too hard - and they never worked. Even after calibration, which seemed to be required with every one I tried.

So I began looking at the popular brands people I knew were wearing. I had settled on Fitbit as being the best one for me - but I wasn't sure which model to get. I looked at them for weeks, trying to decide on the perfect choice.

Sitting next to Julie in a mastermind meeting, she said "Jeanette, stop trying to make the perfect choice and just make A Choice" and I clicked on the order button! I can't thank her enough for that advice. It was exactly the push I needed.

When my fitbit arrived, I put it on immediately after charging - and it hasn't been off since (other than for showering, swimming, and charging).

The first week I walked only 8500 steps - for the week! That's how little I was doing. I've more than doubled that - but it didn't happen all at once. And obviously I'm not yet where I want to be. But the important thing is to start moving!

I HIGHLY recommend a Fitbit or any other automatic tracking device that shows you exactly what you're doing in terms of movement. That was my first step - and it should be yours. MOVE!

This is the Fitbit model I recommend. It's like mine, but shows the stats right on the band, rather than having to refer to your phone all the time.



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